Pirelli Cinturato P1 or P4 tire: Which one to choose?

That Pirelli  is an indisputable brand in terms of tire quality both in relation to the Brazilian and Latin American markets, the consumer cannot be in doubt. But, for example, do you know the difference between certain models and sizes of excellent Pirelli tires ?For more references, check out: pirelli cinturato p7 review

Within its varied line of tires, ranging from those that protect passenger cars, sports cars and SUVs, there are two that stand out. We are talking about the Pirelli P1 and Pirelli P4 tires. In fact, would you know the difference between them, to make the right purchase when you need to change your car tire? Below we will provide an overview of the essential differences so that you have no doubts as to what best fits your profile and that of your car.

Pirelli Cinturato P1 tires

When you think of a tire model for your passenger car, the Pirelli Cinturato P1 models  are designed for small cars. They are high-tech tires, combined with the ideas of performance , safety and especially for those who are concerned with the environment like Pirelli , due to its concept of sustainability , through the compounds and materials that compose it.

The Cinturato P1 is a reference in this regard because it has the innovative technology called Green Performance , in which the components of the tire cause less impact on nature, since there is a great resistance even in contact with high soil temperatures, which leads to greater fuel economy  and a high total performance  in the number of kilometers traveled.

Another advantage of the Pirelli Cinturato P1 is the noise reduction  provided by its  asymmetrical design  in the tread configuration. Since her materials and designs adjust to the point that there is a better pressure distribution , which guarantees both driver safety and a smoother feeling of rolling, because of the  performance . Another relevant and characteristic factor of the Cinturato P1 concerns a reinforced material on the outer shoulders of the tire, which improves lateral adhesion  in all asphalt conditions and, consequently, there is uniform wear to provide performance constant and adequate throughout the life of the tire.

This is because there are also deep grooves that guarantee better performance on wet floors, reducing the braking distance. Therefore, it is Pirelli's  ideal model in terms of energy efficiency and performance, certified by Inmetro, for which it received an A grade  for wet braking and BC for fuel economy.

Pirelli Cinturato P4 tires     

When the consumer wants to think about a tire that has a lot of resistance , with durability combined with Pirelli quality of efficiency and performance , Pirelli Cinturato P4 tires  are ideal for your car. And, like the Pirelli Cinturato P1 , this model is recommended for the great durability and solidity of its components.

Thus, Cinturato P4 tires  are a favorite of automakers and drivers when it comes to a type of tire designed for compact passenger cars and vehicles that travel a lot around the city. They are indicated for mainly for tires with rims between sizes 13 and 15. It is a tire that combines the qualities of modern and innovative design of the tread and is characterized by the very high durability , because of the different blocks and grooves for the internal and external sides of the tread.