Mini Sessions Offered This Year at Our AWEsome Niagara Falls Event!



$10. Beauty Sessions Available 

HOLLYWOOD EYE MAGIC TREATMENT Puffy eyes? Bags under your eyes? Experience a dramatic reduction to under eye problems within minutes. Application of all natural under eye serum.

MAKEUP APPLICATION with Pure, Safe Beneficial quality products leave your skin feeling alive again & oh so soft!  Personal consultation included.

Mani X-Press Have an all about you day with a quick polish change.(Includes nail filing, cuticle push back, light massage and polish of your choice)

Mini FACIAL with Pure, Safe Beneficial quality products leave your skin feeling alive again & oh so soft! Clean & Healthy again! Personal consultation included.

$10. Healing Sessions Available 

Mini BARRS Healing Session a process of lightly touching 32 points on your head to remove redundant thought, beliefs, judgements and slow the aging process

Mini Chakra Balancing Session Blocked Chakras can lead to illness and disease. Gain Awareness of what is blocking your centers and begin clearing those blocks. Creative Chakra Chime Cd will be available for $10.00 Each Today ONLY..  

 Mini Compass Nutritional Assessment Once YOU have YOUR Assessment You will be Emailed a Copy of the Report to Use as a Reference for the Nutrients YOU lack/need

Mini EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) works with your body's own energy system to release trapped energy. 

Mini Indian Head & Neck Massage to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders.

Mini Iridology Sessions give you insight into your genetic strengths and weaknesses. See the Need to Let the Healing Begin (More Info)

Mini JinShin Acupressure Treatment assists in releasing tension while, at the same time, renews & restores the circulation of your body's energy to promote health, well-being & total relaxation. You are fully clothed laying on a comfortable massage table.  Blankets and pillows available for your comfort. 

Mini Myomassology Massage techniques such as Leg Balancing and Hip Balancing unique to this modality

Mini Reflexology Session to break up deposits, can be felt as a sandy or gritty areas beneath the skin, which may interfere with the body's electrical energy in the nervous system.

Mini Reiki Boosts for your day which provides a quick energy lifting vibrational shift in the body's energy fields. Energy is increased, the healing system is stimulated and emotional purification, protection and clearing is experienced. 

Mini Reiki Crystal Healing to align the Chakras and provide a powerful cleanse to ones' Body, Mind and Spirit. Crystals are placed on the 7-main Chakras and around the body on the massage table during the Reiki Session

Mini Sound Vibration Session Tibetan Singing Bowls produce sound and vibrations that invoke deep relaxation. Playing on or around the body they energetically realign the body.  

Mini Star-Based Shamanic Energy Healing a process that will bring you into harmony and balance and restore you to a place of love and light. 

 Private Pilates Session includes a postural assessment and recommended exercises. Try out some Pilates moves that are specific to what your body needs! 

$10 Reading Sessions Available

Mini Akashic Records Session:  We ALL have Akashic Records we are capable of accessing once we learn how. Come prepared with a question you want answered.  

Mini Angel Messages: Come prepared with a question you want answered or simply ask, What is the MOST Important thing I need to know from my angels today." We have 2 gifted people who work with angel energy at this event.

Mini Art from the Heart Drawing Reading: Butterfly or Tree: gives you insight into you at this time and/or where you are at on your life journey & what might assist you in the next part of it. 

Mini Astral (Verdic) Reading helps you gain clarity about your dharma and specific areas concerning you. Come prepared with a question you want answered or simply ask, "What is the MOST Important thing I need to know today." 

Mini Intuitive / Spiritual or Tarot Messages: Come prepared with a question you want answered or simply ask, "What is the MOST Important thing I need to know today from my spirit guides, helpers and loved ones loved ones in spirit." We have 4 gifted readers at this event. 
Mini Numerology Session: Includes a One Draw Tarot Card message. Find out what your Destiny number is, what it means and more.