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What would you do if you were visited by Angels Gloria Messenger received gifted abilities to channel personal Angel portraits and receive automatic writings of guiding messages. She will be offering $10. Mini Readings from The Angels of The Light. Quickly reserve your private reading time slot.


Have Your Chakra Energy Centers Balanced & Butterfly (Drawing) Readings, & my Creative Chakra Chime Cd will be available for $10. Each Today ONLY.


Mini Iridology Sessions give you insight into your genetic strengths and weaknesses, & Compass Nutritional Assessments  $10. for Each Assessement


A company that has stood the test of time. Offering personalized service and premium quality skin care, colour cosmetics and body care products. 


Happy, fun and inspiring gifts for everyone!!! $10. gift items covering many themes &  All Expressing "Happy Being Me"! 


Offering a choice of Aura OR Chakra Photographs $10.00 each. Add Mini Analysis including print out for $10.00. An Amazing, tangible visual of your energy field.


Offering a Choice of $10. Skin/hair assessment/recommendations OR Mini Manicures OR Hand massage OR Braids OR Updo. Hair must be clean for this service. 


Bowenwork┬« uses subtle inputs to the body (known as "Bowen moves") stimulating the body to retrieve memory of a preferred, relaxed balanced state of being. The impulse created by the move stimulates a response that reverberates through the fascia thereby effecting nerves, lymphatics, organ function, muscles and joints.  Even a few moves can have a profound effect.  Local practitioner and instructor with the academy will be present for demos. Personalized Mini Sessions $10.

Offering $10.00 BreakOut Trial Kits OR Womens Facial Starter KitsNO added parabans, sulfates and chemical free. ONLY beneficial essential oils to lightly scent our products See Product Page for $10. Featured Items


Offering Aryuvedic Indian Head Massage for  $10.  A form of relaxation massage. While sitting fully clothed in an upright position specific points in areas of the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp, face and ears are massaged, encouraging the release of toxins stored in the tissue and leaving you feeling refreshed, more balanced and focused

Offering $10. mini Reiki Sessions a healing technique which can be done with or without touch. You will feel a warm "energy" as the Reiki works. Also offering $10. mini Angel ReadingsSee Product Page for $10. Featured Items

Offering $10. mini Reiki Sessions a healing technique which can be done with or without touch. You will feel a warm "energy" as the Reiki works

Offering $10. mini Tea Leaf Readings Enjoy a wee cup of tea and let Heather see what the leaves say!

You can get your chin wrapped for $10 OR purchase a grab bag with samples of our products in them ex. Greens, defining gel etc

Offering $10. Nutrient Scent Test detect vitamins and nutrients your body is lacking simply by scent.  By supplying yourself with the right ones, you can possibly eliminate fatigue, fibromyalgia, stress, pain, digestion issues, circulation issues, hormonal issues and many more. Better your health, better your knowledge.....better you

Mini makeup applications including 3D Fiber Lashes for $10. Feel beautiful. Look beautiful. Be Beautiful.  

Offering Jars of spices, seasonings. Also there will be a cookwear item on special for $10.00  See Product Page for $10. Featured Items

Offering Health& Wellness Products & Services. See Product Page for $10. Featured Items

Offering $10. Mini Intuitive Energy Healing Treatment that will remove unwanted debris from your HEF (Human Energy Field) OR  a Mini Homeopathy Consultation for $10. 

Offering $10. Mini Card Readings, choose from: Animal Guides/ Totems, Angels, Saints, Fairies, Goddesses 2) Beautiful assortment of  Personal Writing Journals for Sale 3) "An Introduction to Holistic Care for Your Cat & Dog" book for sale 4) $10 discount coupons for sale for Animal Communication session (offered off site) 5) $10 discount coupons for sale for Animal Reiki session (offered off site)

Offering $10. Mini Tarot Card Readings bring a question or ask what is the most important thing you need to know at this time. Receive valuable insight! Also $10. Crystal Healing Sessions.

Offering $10. Stetching & Decompression Sessions to release sore and tight muscles caused by stress, poor posture and tight muscles.


Offering $10. Integrated Energy Empowerment Sessions + messages from spirit. 


Offering $10. Angel Message  Readings for Healing & Guiding Your Soul