Introduction to Iridology


 What is Iridology?

Come Learn More about this non-invasive technique that helps in discovering what is going on inside your body and can help indentify the underlying cause of various symptoms.

What Can Iridology Help to Reveal?

Iridology Can Reveal Your:

  • constitutional strength and weaknesses
  • imbalances of the body
  • your nutritional needs
  • areas of toxic accumulation

What Will Be Covered in this Introductory Class?

A study of the what can be revealed through the irises of the eyes.

This introductory course is designed for those with no previous knowledge of iridology. Participants will experience:

  • Brief History of Iridology
  • Underlying Discoveries Made from Iridology
  • Eye Colour & Signs
  • Actual Hands On Exercises
  • Nutrients That Help Conditions Found in Body
  • Question & Answer Period


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 Your Eyes Truly are THE Windows To

Gaining Knowledge & Preventative Care of Your Health

Your ONLY TRUE Asset in Life IS YOUR Health!

 Iris analysis shows changes in tissue long before clinical signs develop. The markings and colors of the iris change as changes in the body tissue occur.



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